Second Prize in China-Myanmar Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

date:April 27, 2018


From 24 to 26 April, China-Myanmar Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition was held in Mangshi, with the theme of "achieving dreams with scientific and technological innovation and co-constructing China-Myanmar Economic Corridor.


The competition was sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology of Yunnan Province, Dehong Prefectural People’s Government, and the Vocational and Technical Training Department of the Ministry of Education of Myanmar, and was undertaken by the Science and Technology Bureau of Dehong Prefecture.



20 Chinese teams including Shanghai Polytechnic University, Yunnan Open University, etc and 20 Myanmar teams including Yangon University and Mandalay University, etc. participated in the competition. The competition was divided into two groups: enterprise group and team group.




Led by Zhang Yibing, vice chief of the Department of International Exchange and Cooperation of DTC, our team entitled "Road Bridge Vanguard Team of Dehong Teachers College" took part in the competition. Our program was "Paukphaw Bridge Intel+ Chinese-Burmese Training". After a fierce competition, we finally scored a good result of 84.86 to win the second prize of the team group.


The competition aims to serve and integrate with the national "Belt and Road" initiative, accelerate the construction of a radiation center for South Asia and Southeast Asia, promote the internationalization of "China-Myanmar Economic Corridor" and "Innovation and Entrepreneurship" and strengthen the scientific and technological innovation cooperation between China and Myanmar and Southeast Asian countries.


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