“Studying Abroad in DTC” speech contest

date:December 18, 2017


Since they enrolled in the college, the international students participated in various activities actively, shaping a beautiful scenery on campus. “What is their life like while they are studying abroad in Dehong Teachers’ College?”


On December 15, 2017, a Speech Contest entitled“Studying Abroad in DTC”was organized by Department of International Cooperation and Exchange as one of the series of activities of " Chinese Bridge ". 17 international students from 4 classes stood out to take part in the final competition.


Vice President Dang Ying gives the opening speech.



Judges and distinguished guests


Vice President Dingying delivered a speech for the speech contest, in which he said: "The topic of today's competition is a very interesting, which focuses on international students’ life in DTC. You came to study at Dehong Teachers’ College with your own dreams of life. You bravely set foot on a strange country to be close to your dreams. This speech contest not only allows you to express your own feelings, but also build a platform for you to excel your ability to write and articulate in Chinese. I hope that you could display your own styles and reach a high level in the contest.”


Host and hostess



Ongoing contest


At the very beginning, Tutu, a Myanmar student, from Chinese Class in Grade 2017, gave a speech entitled “My First Day at DTC”. In the speech, he said he was deeply touched on his first day at the college because of the well-prepared bed clothing and warm welcome from the teachers and students who came to guide him.


Speeches entitled “My Home DTC” and “My Second Home” were given by two Chinese Myanmar students in Grade 2017, exhibiting their love of the college.


Speeches entitled “Happy Life in DTC” and “Culture Exchange While Studying Abroad” given by two Laos students in Grade 2016 concerned cultural exchange while studying abroad.


Speeches entitled “Unforgetable Memory” and “DTC in My Eyes” given by two Myanmar students in Grade 2016 were fresh and novel.


Although there were some cute “mistakes” in the speeches, the lecture hall was filled with laughter and applause time and time again making a warm atmosphere.


After fierce competition, Yan Mingjin and Guo Fabian, two Chinese Myanmar students in Grade 2017 conquered the whole hearts of the judges and won the first prize with their outstanding presentation skills.


Ongoing contest



The first prize winner



The second prize winner


The outstanding prize winner


Mr. Sun Lei appreciated highly of the speech contest and put forward some constructive suggestions to the international students.


 (by Qve Xuelian, Department of Cooperation and Exchange, December 18, 2017)   


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