Two foreign teachers of DTC won the awards of “Love Yunnan iYunnan" short video and essay contest

date:July 23, 2022

"Love Yunnan iYunnan" series activities are one of the innovative folk friendly exchange brands that Yunnan People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries strives to build. Since its launch in March 2022, it has received positive responses from friends of 37 countries, including 80 short videos and 59 essays.

The release ceremony of the excellent works of "Love Yunnan iYunnan" short video and essay contest was held in Kunming on July 22. After the preliminary review of the works, online voting and expert review, the essay, My destiny in China, my love in Yunnan, and my dream for Myanmar, of DTC’s foreign teacher HNIN HNIN KYI from Myanmar and the video David's Coffee Story of  the foreign teacher DAVIDE MELIA from Australia both won the third prizes. Ms. Yu Shanshan, Director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Department of DTC, was invited to attend the ceremony.

From their own perspectives, the foreign teachers have shown the world their indissoluble bond with Yunnan and the characteristics of Dehong local coffee, and have conveyed their love for Yunnan and Dehong.

While telling the story of Yunnan, the two foreign teachers work hard in Dehong Teachers’ College. They have promoted the level of Myanmar language or spoken English of students majoring in Myanmar language or English in DTC. The "Myanmar Language Corner" and "English Corner" participated by them every week have created a good foreign language learning atmosphere for the students. Meanwhile, they have introduced diversified culture to the students to raise their cross-cultural awareness, to broaden their horizons and to enhance their international vision.

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