2022 DTC Scholarship Program for International Students and Admission Guide

date:April 30, 2022


I. Introduction

DTC Scholarship Program of Dehong Teachers’ College (DTC) is a subsidized scholarship established to attract more outstanding international students. The international students who have been approved for the scholarship can be exempted from tuition fees and will study online. After COVID 19 pandemic is relieved, they can come to study on campus and will be free of accommodation fees, textbooks, physical examination fees for the first year, and will get a free set of dormitory bedding.


II. Specialty Provided: Primary School Chinese Language Education

The specialty aims to cultivate international students with advanced level of Chinese language, good understanding of Chinese culture and China today, and able to use Chinese for cross-cultural communication and general academic research. The specialty also aims to train qualified primary school teachers capable to engage in primary school Chinese education and teaching and competent in teaching Chinese courses in various primary schools, educational institutions and other related fields.

Study Duration:3 years/college level

Start of semester: September 2022

Application period: April 1, 2022 to June 15, 2022

Language of instruction: Chinese


III. Application Requirements

1. Non-Chinese citizens with valid passports.

2. With good physical and mental health, willing to abide by the Chinese laws and regulations.

3. High school graduate or equivalent.

4. Age: 18-30.

5. With sufficient financial support.


IV. Application Documents

1. Application Form for International Student of DTC (Download at ), filled in Chinese or English, 1 original copy + 1 scanned copy.

2. 1 scanned copy of passport photo page, with photo, name, date of birth, validity period, and passport number.

3. High school diploma and transcripts. Scanned copies of original documents, and notarized Chinese or English translations for non-Chinese and English materials. If the applicant is a student currently, he or she should obtain the expected graduation certificate before August 31, 2022. When registering, the copies of graduation certificate and transcript are required.

4. Study plan in China (no less than 300 words), written in Chinese or English.

5. 1 original copy + 1 scanned copy of PHYSICAL EXAMINATION RECORD FOR FOREIGNERS (Download at, filled in Chinese or English. All the items in the form are required to be covered. If there are missing items, there is no applicant photo or no official seal of the medical department, the form is invalid. Since the test results are valid within 6 months, the applicant is supposed to determine the time for the physical examination accordingly.

6. No criminal record.

7. Letter of sponsorship (Download at

8. Other awards or certificates.

9. A digital photo (named after your passport number, color photo, 2 inch or 3.5cm*5.2cm, white background with no frame, the head accounts for 2/3 of the photo, no less than 320*240 pixels, ratio 4:3, 100-500KB, JPG format).



1. The application documents must be originals or notarized copies in Chinese and English. For non-Chinese and English materials, the original and notarized Chinese or English translations must be submitted at the same time.

2. Please scan the relevant documents with a scanner and submit them. Documents photographed by mobile phones or cameras will not be accepted.

3. Application documents will not be returned regardless of admission or not.


V. Application and Admission

1. Applicants should go to the English version website of Dehong Teachers’ College to download Application Form for International Students of DTC, fill in the application form carefully and match the relevant documents to be submitted. The digital materials should be packaged and sent to the Admission Office by email Deadline for application submission: June 15, 2022.

2. DTC will organize experts to review the applicant’s application documents, select the possible candidates, and organize the entrance examination. Only candidates with the score of 60 or above can be admitted.

3. Applicants should check their emails regularly to avoid missing important notifications.

4. At the beginning of July, DTC will send Admission Letter, Visa Application Form for Studying in China, and Admission Guide,etc. to the admitted applicants.

5. Admitted applicants should complete the registration procedure within the specified time according to the notice of DTC, in which the specific registration time and process will be informed.

6. After the relief of COVID 19 pandemic, the admitted students will study on campus and need to purchase insurance and apply for an X1 visa at their own expense, and bear the transportation expenses to and from China, living expenses and other expenses.

7. DTC scholarship recipients are not allowed to change their specialty and duration of study. Admitted applicants who dont register before the admission deadline will not be eligible for the school scholarship.


VI. Contact

1. Office Tel: 0086-692-3028 655, 0086-692-3028 360 (fax)

2. Contacts: Ms. Yu (+86 1890 8821 133), Mr. Yang (+86 1390 8821 516),

Ms. Li (+86 1840 6904 804)

3. Email:

4. Chinese website:

5. English website:

6. Address: Dehong Teachers’ College, No. 266, Lahuai Village, Mangshi, Dehong, Yunnan Province, China, zip code: 678400.




Dehong Teachers’ College

April 20, 2022

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