Chinese Bridge Online Camp-Experiencing Intangible Cultural Heritage in Western Yunnan successfully concluded

date:April 18, 2022


On April 13, 2022, Chinese Bridge Online Camp-Experiencing Intangible Cultural Heritage in Western Yunnan was successfully concluded. The closing ceremony was held online. Ms. Hnin Hnin Kyi, from Myanmar, a foreign teacher of DTC, shared her own experience of learning Chinese, and hoped that everyone could overcome the difficulties rendered by the COVID-19 pandemic, study hard, raise the horizon and strengthen international exchanges and cooperation. Certificates of completion were issued to 154 learners from Myanmar.

“Chinese Bridge” program is a bridge for international learners to experience the beauty of China and is also a window to witness the real China. Through this Chinese Bridge online camp, the learners have experienced and appreciated the beauty of Chinese calligraphy, Chinese painting, language and culture, and traditional skills, and have witnessed the beautiful natural scenery and colorful intangible cultural heritage of Dehong with their own eyes. They thought that the online camp was very helpful. The video content was rich and exciting. The course was lively and interesting, and the teachers’ enthusiasm and love for teaching could be felt through the screen. Participating in this project has not only improved their level of Chinese, but also deepened their understanding of China and updated their view on China. After the learning the courses, the learners extended their gratitude to the teachers for their hard work and hoped to have the opportunity to participate in the offline group exchange program in the future.


Intangible culture is the treasure of traditional Chinese culture. Intangible cultural heritage, which is a precious and valuable cultural information resource and a true witness of history, is an important part of the excellent traditional culture of all ethnic groups of Chinese people. The successful holding of the online exchange camp is a concrete practice of implementing the “Belt and Road” initiative, which emphasizes enhancing people-to-people and cultural exchanges and mutual learning among peoples of different countries. It is believed that in the future, the students will consciously tell Chinese stories in both Myanmar language and Chinese to spread Chinese culture, and make important contributions to promoting China-Myanmar people-to-people and cultural exchanges.


By Li Ting   Photo: Yang Shutao  Ed. by Yu Shanshan

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