DTC Education exchange delegation visited Thailand

date:December 23, 2019

From December 18 to December 22, 2019, a delegation led by President Qiu Yong visited Meajo University, Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna (RMUTL), University of Phayao, Chiangmai Jiaolian Chinese School and some other Thai schools for educational exchange. The delegation was composed of Ms.Yu Shanshan, Director of the Department of International Cooperation and Exchange, and Ms. Cai Chunli, Thai language teacher of School of Foreign Languages.

At RMUTL, the delegation expressed their prospects and plans for cooperation to Associate Professor Seensiri Sangajit, the President of RMUTL and the two sides had an in-depth discussion on the former signed cooperative agreement. A video conference was also held among Chiangmai and Tak campuses of RMUTL and DTC for an discussion on the construction of Thai language specialty of DTC and a consensus was reached.

Video conference among Chiangmai and Tak campuses of RMUTL and DTC

At Meajo University, the delegation had a friendly talking with Associate Professor Dr. Weerapon Tongma, President of Meajo University and Vice-President and heads of the departments and deans of colleges in the university. The two sides exchanged their respective history, specialty structure and characteristics of school running, expressed their strong intention for cooperation and exchange in scientific research and agriculture, and signed a cooperation MOU. Finally, accompanied by the Director of International Department of Meajo University, President Qiu Yong and his party visited Meajo Farm of the university.

President Qiu Yong signed the cooperation MOU with Meajo University

Visiting Meajo Farm of Meajo University

At University of Phayao, President Qiu Yong and his entourage discussed with Associate Professor Dr. Supakorn Pongbangpho, President of University of Phayao, the cooperation in “Belt and Road” scientific research and the construction of Thai and English majors in DTC, and visited Green Peafowl Learning Center accompanied by his assistant. The center has a deep connection with the First Seminar on the History and Culture of the Dai Nationality in Yunnan, and the visit was reported by University of Phayao on Thai media.

Visiting University of Phayao

Visiting Green Peafowl Learning Center of University of Phayao

At Chiangmai Arunothai Chinese Teachers Association (Chiangmai Jiaolian Chinese School), President Qiu Yong and President Wang Xiangxian of the association had an in-depth discussion on the construction of DTC’s internship center, and the former warmly visited Mr. Li Ning, a volunteer teacher of DTC who was teaching in Jianqun Chinese Middle School in Thailand.

Visiting Chiangmai Arunothai Chinese Teachers Association (Chiangmai Jiaolian Chinese School)

Through the exchange of this visit, the cooperation on students and teachers exchange between DTC and Thai colleges and universities has been promoted. The visit also set up bridges for the construction of Thai and Applied English majors of DTC, opened up channels for teachers’ scientific research and international academic exchanges and created positive conditions for promoting the construction of DTC as a bordering college.

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