DTC Education exchange delegation visited Myanmar

date:December 16, 2019


A delegation of DTC led by Mr. Kong Legan paid a five-day visit to Myanmar from December 9 to 13, 2019.

The delegation had exchanges and discussions with Yunhua Teachers’ College, Yezin Agricultural University in Naypyidaw, Myanmar Agricultural Research Institute, Yankin Education College and Yangon University on educational cooperation in the fields such as the exchange of students and teachers, the development of teacher education and the professional training of agricultural skills. Meanwhile, the delegation met a total of 15 DTC students who are studying or having their teaching practice at Yangon University or Yunhua Teachers’ College.

The delegation also visited Chamber of Commerce of Dehong Prefecture in Mandalay, Naypyidaw and Yangon to get a view of their work and extended sincere gratitude to their support on the exchange and cooperation between DTC and Myanmar for a long time. The staff members there replied that they would like to continue to support DTC’s cooperation with Myanmar in the future.

The visit further deepened the understanding between DTC and colleges and universities or institutions in Myanmar and led to newly cooperative intention. It has strengthened DTC’s active role in service and integration into the national “Belt and Road” initiative, promoting the exchange of culture, education and economics with neighboring countries.


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