The opening ceremony of 2019 Dehong-Tak Cultural Summer Camp

date:May 7, 2019


On May 6, the opening ceremony of 2019 Dehong-Tak Cultural Summer Camp was held at the Performance Hall of Dehong Teachers’ College. Sponsored by the People's Government of Dehong Prefecture, the summer camp was organized by the Foreign Affairs Office of Dehong Prefecture, Bureau of Education and Sports of Dehong Prefecture and Dehong Teachers College. The opening ceremony was attended by Yang Shizhuang, Vice Governor of the People's Government of Dehong Prefecture, Kong Legan, Party Secretary of Dehong Teachers College CPC Committee, Qiu Yong, Deputy Party Secretary and President of Dehong Teachers’ College, 20 teachers and students from Thailand, heads of Foreign Affairs Office of Dehong Prefecture and Bureau of Education and Sports of Dehong Prefecture, and representatives of teachers and students of Dehong Teachers College. The ceremony was presided over by Dang Ying, Vice President of Dehong Teachers College.


At 9 a.m., the opening ceremony officially kicked off. In his speech, Yang Shizhuang first introduced the social and economic situation and colourful ethnic culture and geographical scenery of Dehong Prefecture to the teachers and students from Thailand. He said that China and Thailand were friendly neighbors, and for a long time the two countries had had good-neighborly friendship and close exchanges. Since Dehong established friendly relations with Tak, the two places had actively exchanged visits and established friendly relations of cooperation. Yang also said both Dehong and Tak were beautiful places, which were similar in geography, folk customs, etc. Through this cultural summer camp, it was hoped that the friendship between China and Thailand would be further enhanced and the friendly exchanges between Dehong and Tak would be further strengthened in the future. Dehong and Tak would have more exchanges and cooperation in culture, education, talent training and border trade.


President Qiu Yong introduced the general situation of Dehong Teachers College on the aspects of college history, resources and facilities, academic learning, faculties and students and so on. He hoped that the learning experience in Dehong Teachers College could leave unforgettable memories for friends from Thailand, who would have a full harvest with abundant fruit.


The representative of the summer camp, Ms. Potchamat Saenyacharoenkun, from Ratwittaya School, Thailand, expressed her sincere gratitude to the People’s Government of Dehong Prefecture and Dehong Teachers College for their warm hospitality. She said the exchange of culture between Tak and Dehong Prefecture had similarities in location, climate, humanities and many other aspects, and the two sides had already friendly exchanged for ten years. 


After the self-introduction of the teachers and students from Thailand, Dang Ying, Vice President of Dehong Teachers’ College announced the launch of 2019 Dehong-Tak Cultural Summer Camp. After the brief and warm opening ceremony, members of the summer camp would first start to experience the Chinese calligraphy course, standing for one of the most typical Chinese culture .

The summer camp would last for 12 days, and the camp members would study and live in Dehong Teachers College, and would visit city culture construction of counties and cities in Dehong, carry out cultural exchanges with relevant departments, experience rich and colorful ethnic customs in Dehong, and feel the charm of the Homeland of PeacockDehong.

Department of Publicity, DTC.

7 May, 2019


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