The Chinese language training program for Myanmar teachers commences in Dehong Teachers’ College

date:April 19, 2019



In the morning, the opening ceremony of the Chinese language training program for Myanmar teachers is held in Room 402 of Chunhui Building, Dehong Teachers College. The ceremony is presided over by Zhang Yibing, Deputy Director of Department of International Cooperation and Exchange. Kong Legan, CPC Party Secretary of DTC, Yu Shanshan, Director of Department of International Cooperation and Exchange and some other teachers are present at the ceremony. 


Mr. Kong Legan says at the ceremony, welcome our alumni to return to study again. We hope that all of you will study hard, make progress in your studies, and be the inheritors of the Chinese and Myanmar culture and the friendly messengers of the development of Sino-Myanmar friendship. Expectations and requirements for the training program are also raised. Finally, Mr. Kong Legan wishes everything goes smoothly with all participants!


This training program, which will last for ten days, not only offers professional courses, such as Chinese reading and writing, Chinese listening and speaking, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese teaching method and so on, but also provides students with rich and colorful hands-on activities.


Most of the participants in this training were students of Grade 12 who have graduated from DTC. They said they had longed for this training for quiet a long time. Engaging in Chinese teaching in their own country, they have encountered a lot of problems, with which they come to this training. They will cherish this rare opportunity and believe that there will be a satisfactory harvest.


The first Chinese calligraphy class is just given after the opening ceremony.


Department of Publicity, DTC

19 April, 2019


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