The opening ceremony of Dai Religion and Culture & Dai Study and Research Achievements Exhibition held in Dehong Teachers’ College

date:April 13, 2019


On the morning of April 12, Dai Religion and Culture & Dai Study and Research Achievements Exhibition was held in Dehong Teachers College while the celebration of 2019 International Water Splashing Carnival in Dehong, China. Wei Gang, Deputy Secretary of CPC Committee and Governor of the People's Government of Dehong Prefecture, Guan Guozhao, Vice Chairman of CPPCC of Dehong Prefecture, Dao Xiaorui, Chairman of Dehong Dai Association, Qiu Yong, Deputy Secretary of CPC Committee and President of Dehong Teachers College, Jing Deping, Deputy Secretary of CPC Committee of Dehong Teachers College, Cang Ming, Professor and Ph.D. supervisor of the School of History and Culture of Minzu University of China, and Jiang Xiaolin, Curator of Jiang Yingliang Dai Culture Museum attended the ceremony. Yang Minghong, Vice President of Dehong Teachers College, presided over the ceremony. Guests from all over the world gathered at the ceremony.


At the opening ceremony, Qiu Yong delivered a speech, pointing out that Dai civilization and culture was one of the outstanding traditional cultural treasures of the Chinese nation. Dehong Teachers College, as one of the local colleges in Dehong, had always based on the ethnic diversity to pursue the national prosperity. The college aimed to train outstanding ethnic talents and took protecting the inheritance of outstanding culture of ethnic groups as its own responsibility. He said that the exhibition not only enabled us to understand the rich and colourful history and culture of Dai People, but also hoped that everybody should participate in the inheritance, protection and innovation of the excellent local ethnic culture.

In his speech, Guan Guozhao said that the exhibition was a model for the people of Dehong Prefecture to work together to protect, inherit and carry forward the excellent local traditional ethnic culture, and was also an important embodiment of Dehong Prefecture's active practice of Xi Jinping's cultural thought in the new era. In the future, the Dai nationality's religion, history and culture would be studied in depth, and  the charm of Dai culture would be striven to excavate and display actively. He also hoped that more and more people would participate in the rescue, protection, inheritance and exploitation of the cultural heritage of the five indigenous ethnic minorities in Dehong.


Later, the leaders and guests attended the a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the exhibition.

It is learned that Jiang Yingliang Dai Culture Museum of Dehong Teacherss College opened on April 11, 2017. It is the only special museum in colleges and universities to show the history and culture of Dai People and the only Dai museum in the real sense.

There are thousands of cultural relics in the museum, and more than 600 Dai cultural relics are now displayed. The exhibition hall is divided into four parts: Dai Bronze Ware Exhibition, Jiang Yingliang Dai Study Exhibition, The Collection of Dai People Pictures in Qing Dynasty and Dai Religion and Culture Exhibition. With the history as the clue, Dai Religion and Culture Exhibition highlights the unique characteristics of the Dai traditional folk beliefs, the spread, development, and integration process of Buddhist beliefs, as well as the final formation of the faith of the localized Theravada Buddhism by Dai People. The exhibition also shows the text, writing tools, classics, etc. of Dai People formed under the influence of religious beliefs.




The Department of Publicity, DTC

13 April, 2019


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