Dehong International Talent Exchange and Training Center founded in Dehong Teachers’ College

date:May 22, 2018

In order to continuously promote the development of “Belt and Road” and give full play to Dehong’ geographical advantages in the cultural exchanges between China and Myanmar, Dehong International Talent Exchange and Training Center is founded at Dehong Teachers’ College with the support of the Dehong Prefectural Government.

At 8: 30 a.m. on May 22, 2018, sponsored by China Soong Ching Ling Foundation and China-Myanmar Livelihood Fund of Dehong Prefectural Government, the center and the educational exchange activities between teachers from China and Myanmar, is initiated in the lecture hall of the Art Center of Dehong Teachers College.

Wang Gangyu, chief of the Public Welfare Cooperation Branch of China Soong Ching Ling Foundation, Li Yongchun, deputy secretary-general of the Dehong Prefectural CPC Committee, Yang Shunchang, deputy director of the Publicity Department of Dehong Prefecture, teachers and students of DTC and thirty outstanding teachers and school representatives from Muse, Shan State, Myanmar attend the launching and unveiling ceremony, which is hosted by DTC President Jiangdian.



At the ceremony, Kong Legan, secretary of CPC Committee of Dehong Teachers College, extends a warm welcome to the 30 outstanding teachers and representatives from Muse, Shan State, Myanmar. He says that “drinking water from the same river and building a dream of education together" is a mutual wish of both Chinese and Burmese people. This event provides a powerful platform for China and Myanmar to jointly discuss the development of education between the two countries.

He says that, with the support of China Soong Ching Ling Foundation and Dehong Prefectural CPC committee and government, and the joint efforts of the teachers and students of the college, and with the establishment of the center and the resources and advantages of DTC, the college will make a greater contribution to the international cooperation of education and culture exchange in Dehong Prefecture. The event has also facilitated DTC to lay a better foundation on the college’s transformation and further development.




U Myint Shwe, head of the exchange teachers delegation from Muse, Shan State, Myanmar, expresses his sincere gratitude to the Chinese government and DTC for organizing this activity. He introduces the education reform in Myanmar and the direction of its future development. He says he will share the experience of the exchange back to Myanmar and hopes to have more opportunities to exchange and study in China in the future.


At the ceremony, Wang Guangyu, director of the Public Welfare Cooperation Branch of China Soong Ching Ling Foundation, introduces the history of the foundation, which was established on May 29, 1982. The foundation is intended to commemorate Song Qingling, to inherit and to develop her unfinished aspiration. Wang hopes that the launch of the event would enhance the “Paukphaw” friendship between the two people, deepen exchanges and cooperation in various fields, and contribute to the “Belt and Road” construction.


On behalf of the Dehong Prefectural Government, Li Yongchun, Deputy Secretary General of the Dehong Prefectural CPC Committee, congratulates the smooth carrying out of the event and hopes that teachers from both China and Myanmar would learn and make progress together.

He expects that DTC would become the messenger of the educational and cultural exchanges and cooperation between China and Myanmar, so as to further enhance the friendship between the two countries. Both sides ought to seize the opportunity to become a bridge for promoting the mutual development and enhance the relationship between people from both countries.


Later, Ms. Wang Gangyu, Mr. Li Yongchun, Mr. Kong Legan, and Mr. Jiang Dian unveils the plate of the center.


After the launching ceremony, Myanmar teachers will begin a four-day study of various courses such as, Chinese, mathematics, calligraphy, computer, music, Dai style paper cutting, etc. and will go to local primary and secondary schools for teaching observation.


By Publicity Section of CPC Committee of DTC 

May 22, 2018





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