A delegation of DTC goes to Kolkata, India to participate in EXPO 2018, Higher Education in China

date:May 14, 2018


From 10 to 13 of May, 2018, a delegation led by Dang Ying, a member of CPC Party committee and vice president of DTC, participates in EXPO 2018, Higher Education in China held in India. The delegation includes three other teachers from the Department of International Cooperation and Exchange, the Department of Foreign Languages and Institute of BCIM Relations.


It is the first time for the college to the higher education exhibition in South Asia. It is also the first time for the Department of International Cooperation and Exchange and college scientific research department to have a close contact with India. Participating in the EXPO not only makes up for the gap in the exchange and cooperation of DTC in the region, but also indicates that the research on BCIM Relations is gradually reaching India and South Asia.


DTC delegation


EXPO 2018, Higher Education in China, is sponsored by the Consulate General of China in Kolkata. It is attended by 60 universities and institutions from 11 provinces and cities from China. The exhibition is one of the concrete measures to implement the consensus between the leaders of China and India on strengthening cultural and educational exchanges.


Through this exhibition, the Indian community can learn about China and the development of higher education in China. At the same time, it will attract outstanding Indian students to study in China, enhance cultural exchanges between China and India, and promote the development of Sino-Indian relations. The EXPO commences at Biswa Bangla Convention Centre at 9 : 00 a.m. More than 1000 people attends the opening ceremony from local government officials, teachers and students of colleges and universities, representatives of enterprises, heads of research institutions and media reporters.


Ma Zhanwu, Consul General of China in Kolkata, addresses in the opening ceremony.


Vice President Dang Ying is talking to local teachers.



Yu Shanshan is introducing DTC to some parents.



Wang Jing is introducing DTC to local teachers.



Cao Han is introducing DTC’s international students program to local students.


On the afternoon of the 10th, Mr. Ma Zhanwu, Consul General of China in Kolkata, comes to the college exhibition stall. He inquires about DTC’s exhibition and school running situation and reads some college brochures, and points out that DTC is one of the Chinese colleges or universities closest to Kolkata and India after viewing the short video about DTC.


He suggests DTC take this geographical advantage to attract  as many as possible outstanding Indian students in order to promote cultural exchanges between the two countries, and strengthen the friendship between the two countries to make due contributions. After that, Consul General Ma Zhanwu and DTC exhibitors takes a picture together.


Ma Zhanwu, Consul General of China in Kolkata, introduces DTC to local people.



Two Consuls of China in Kolkata with DTC delegation


The EXPO has attracted the attention of the mainstream media at home and abroad in India, and many news media have actively promoted and reported the exhibition, attracting widespread attention from the local society. Nearly 5000 people have attended the EXPO, and many are attracted to the exhibition stand of DTC.


The staff actively answer the students and parents’ questions about DTC’s study program, and introduces Dehong to them. Whenever told that the location of DTC is not only very close to India and an Eco-habitable and opening-up bordering region with harmonious ethnic integration, but also contains one of the first cities to attract South Asian businessmen to carry out economic and trade activities, they have shown great interest.


With the representatives of the institutions with cooperative intention


Through the introduction, some students and parents have expressed strong interest in DTC’s study abroad policy and program, and many local colleges and universities expect to carry out further cooperation with DTC. The proposal of cooperation includes: short-term Indian teachers exchange, short-term exchange of students, Chinese teachers to teach Chinese and carry out vocational and technical training.


The inviter, the School of Chinese Language in Kolkata, India, presents DTC a gift.



Exchanging gifts with the representatives of SEACOM university


With students from local girls school


On the evening of the 11st, the Consulate General of China in Kolkata hosts a reception in Hyatt Regency Dubai to celebrate the successful conclusion of the EXPO.


In the reception hosted by the Consulate General of China in Kolkata


On 12rd, According to the schedule, all participating schools visits Techno India Group Public School in Chinsurah.


Traditional dance performed by Techno India Group Public School



Teachers of Techno India Group Public School


All delegations from China and the teachers and students of Techno India Group Public School


Participating in this EXPO has made more people know DTC, has raised DTC’s international reputation, has effectively introduced DTC’s program to enroll international students. DTC has also reached a preliminary cooperation intention with relevant schools and institutions.


Next, DTC will actively implement the cooperation intention reached during the exhibition and strive for actual carrying out of the program to set up DTC’s international exchange and cooperation with South Asian countries and India, and actively promote our teachers and students to go out to serve the national implementation of the "Belt and Road" initiative and contribute to the development of relations between China and South Asia, and between China and India.



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