School of Transportation

School of Transportation is the first mixed-ownership transportation comprehensive school in Yunnan province, which is jointly built by Dehong Teachers’ College and Yunnan Kongao Education Investment co., LTD., a subsidiary of Yunhua Education Science and Technology group co., LTD. The four major school-running features are: military cultural management, improving the quality of sinology, innovative talents of The Times, and lifelong employment service.


In 2019, 7 majors have been set up: air crew, civil aviation air security, civil aviation transportation, civil aviation safety technology management, airport operation, high-speed railway passenger crew, and urban rail transit operation management.


School of Transportation also has an advanced training center (under construction). The training equipment invested in the first phase includes A320 cabin service training cabin, CHR380A high-speed train simulation cabin, airport environment simulation system and other practical training equipment. The corresponding training equipment and facilities will be continuously invested according to the follow-up professional development.

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