School of Science and Technology


Seven specialties are offered in the School of Science and Technology, including the Power Equipment of Hydropower Station, Automation Technology of Power System, Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering Management, Power Supply and Consumption Technology, Construction Engineering Management, Automobile Inspection and Maintenance Technology, Automobile Marketing and Service.


Now the area of laboratories reaches to 15,000 square meters and the apparatus and equipment value 21 million yuan. There are 30 full-time teachers, including 1 doctor, 18 masters, 10 associate professors and 13 lecturers, 16 of whom are double-qualified teachers. Moreover, we have another 22 part-time teachers from enterprises. Now the structures of teachers’ professional title, educational background or age basically tend to be reasonable.  


The School insists on taking quality as the foundation and the employment as the guidance, to actively explore the talent-training mode that meets the needs of the social development. Through the school-school and school-enterprise cooperation, the School constantly corrects the training mode and gradually forms the training mode with "school-school cooperation, work-study alternation and integration of dual certificates" as the core. The employment rate of graduates in the past four years has been over 90%, and 95% graduates majoring in electric power and automobile has obtained their vocational qualification certificates.

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