School of Agronomy and Biological Sciences


Currently, there are 32 full-time and part-time teachers in the School of Agronomy and Biological Sciences. Among them, there are 2 professors, 14 associate professors, 13 lecturers and 2 teaching assistants. In terms of education background, there are 3 teachers with doctor's degree, 16 with master's degree, and 11 teachers with double qualifications.


The teaching team was rated as provincial excellent teaching team, namely the “Agricultural (Professional Group) Teaching Team”. Besides, there are 18 part-time teachers from off-campus industry enterprises, including 4 senior researchers, 2 sub-senior researchers, 6 middle-level agronomists,  6 with primary title and 4 unrated.


The total value of equipment (September 2017) is 12 million yuan, 28 indoor laboratories, one on-campus training base; 14 off-campus training bases, including provincial excellent off-campus practice training bases - the Agricultural Science Institute of Dehong Prefecture(the agricultural technology promotion center in Dehong Prefecture).


While completing the teaching management tasks, the teachers of the School of Agronomy and Bioscience actively participated in serving local economic projects and carried out applied research on edible insects and basic researches on the exploitation and utilization of economic plants and characteristic biological resources such as macadamia, coffee, potato, Moringa, dragon fruit, and grapefruit have achieved certain research results. We will make our greatest efforts for the future development of the School of Agronomy and Biosciences and to serve the local economy.

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