School of Physical Education


There are two specialties in the school: Physical Education and National Traditional Physical Education, with two training patterns of three years and five years respectively. There are 27 faculty members with 1 professor, 5 associate professors, 9 master degrees, 1 China National First-class Athlete, 6 China National Second-class Athletes, 7 China National First-class Referees, 14 China National Second-class Referees, 1 Chinese Martial Arts Level 5, 2 Taekwondo Black Belts, and 1 China National First-class Social Sports Instructor.


There are 1 standard plastic track and field (including 1 football field), 2 indoor basketball courts, 10 outdoor basketball courts, 6 volleyball courts, 2 badminton courts. In addition, the large comprehensive gymnasium will also be put into use, including 1 basketball hall, 1 gymnasium, and 1 tennis hall and martial arts, aerobics, table tennis and other training rooms.


In recent years, the teachers of the school have published more than 100 academic papers in all kinds of publications at the provincial and national levels, have completed 1 provincial program, 7 prefectural programs, have edited and co-edited 6 textbooks, and have completed 3 teaching reform programs, 8 consulting reports and 18 invention patents.


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