School of Economics and Management


The specialties of School of Economics and Management include Accounting, Economic Information Management, Logistics Management, Marketing, Financial Management (cooperated with Yunnan Minzu University), etc. There are 22 faculty members including 17 professional teachers and over 35% of assistant professors and professors.


The teachers of the school have solid professional background, proficient teaching skills and strong practical capability. A number of teachers have won various places in teaching competitions in DTC. Some students guided by the teachers have won the second and third places of Yunnan Vocational Skills Competition. The tendency of the employment rate of the students is optimistic, and the number of the students who can get further university education after junior college is rising year by year.


The school has reached joint training agreements with enterprises in and out of Yunnan, such as Alibaba,, Seentao, Netcnnet and so on, Experts from the industry enterprises have also been hired to teach as a part-time teacher to help the school to make a useful exploration in the field of "Internet+" training.

Besides accomplishing the teaching task, the teachers also actively participate in science research, and have successfully set up both provincial and national levels of programs. More than 300 research papers and over 10 academic works and teaching books have been published. The teachers are actively offering suggestions to the local economic and social development, and actively serving the local government and getting the approval and the good reputation of the local government.


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