School of Foreign Languages


School of Foreign Languages of DTC has a history of more than 40 years. We have been devoted to the education of foreign languages for local development, especially English, Burmese and Thai. We take it as our mission to cultivate qualified English teachers for the primary education of Yunnan province and practical talents with foreign languages for Belt and Road construction of Yunnan Province.


School of Foreign Languages has three departments, Dept. of English, Dept of Southeast Asian Languages and Dept. of Public Foreign Languages. We have a faculty of 35 teachers, including 26 teachers of English, 2 teachers of Thai, 6 teachers of Burmese and 1 student counselor. There are 2 PH.D teachers, 27 MA degree teachers and 6 Bachelor degree teachers.


The research field of the teachers covers linguistics, TEFL, SLA, translation and cross-cultural communication.  In order to achieve all-around development of the students, we adopt modern teaching resources, practice advanced teaching models in networked language labs and conduct the research on the reform of teaching methods.


We provide programs for four specialties: English Education, Applied English, Applied Burmese, and Applied Thai. We also accept international students for the above specialties.

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