School of Information


The specialty of Computer of School of Information originated from the specialty of Computer Application in 1995. After many years of development, the school has made remarkable achievements in the fields of personnel training, teaching and research, and the teaching staff, so as to build a perfect talent training system.


There are now 6 specialties including Digital Media Technology, Internet of Things Application Technology, Computer Application Technology, Modern Education Technology, E-commerce Technology, Big Data Technology and Application.


There are 37 faculty members, including 10 associate professors and 2 professors. Dr.Gan Jianhou Work Station of Dehong Prefecture with 5 experts has been established in the school.11 advanced technique professionals are hired from enterprises.

The school emphasizes“Practical skills, capability focus and technology proficiency” or the integrity of theory and practice. In recent years,14 million RMB yuan has been put into the series of 14 multi-functional high-tech training rooms, and four of the tutor guidance and generation workshops are formed.


In collaboration with local enterprises, and enterprises in Kunming, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other places outside Dehong,14 out-of-school practice training centers are signed.

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