School of Humanities

There are 32 teachers, including 2 professors, 13 associate professors and 15 lecturers in School of Humanities. 21 teachers of all are with master degrees. There is one “Provincial-level Distinguished Teacher” and one “College-level Distinguished Teacher”. There are 2 National Chinese Mandarin Proficiency Level Testers and 10 Provincial Chinese Mandarin Proficiency Level Testers. There are 17 Teachers with Two Professional Qualifications. Mr. Luo Xiaosuo, a linguistics expert in China and former president of Yunnan Normal University has been the visiting professor of the school since 2016.


The school offers now the education of six specialties in Chinese Language Education, History Education, Business Secretary, Internet News and Communication, Legal Affairs and Legal Secretary. Among them, Business Secretary is the provincial-level featured specialty, and Chinese Language Education is a key specialty at the college level. There is a Chinese Mandarin test station, a Chinese Mandarin test room (20 seats). There are also secretarial training room, multi-function etiquette training room, law teaching training center and other professional education training rooms.

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