School of Education


School of Education was established from the Department of Social Sciences and Mathematics of Dehong Teachers’ College in May 2019. The mission of the school is to train preschool and primary school teachers. At present, there are four specialties: Preschool Education, Primary Education, Mathematics Education and Mental Health Education. On the basis of Primary Education, there are four professional directions: Comprehensive Liberal Arts, Comprehensive Science, Folk Languages (Dai and Jingpo languages).


There are four offices in the school: Administration Office, Teaching Management Office, Student Management Office and Teacher Education Skills Training Centre. There are also seven teaching and research centers respectively on educational psychology, preschool education, primary education (comprehensive liberal arts), primary education (comprehensive science), mathematics and applied mathematics, mathematics public teaching, primary education (folk language teaching) .


There are 2 provincial-level teaching teams, 1 provincial-level training base, 2 provincial-level distinguished teachers workshops, 2 provincial teaching teachers studio. There are 69 faculty members. There are 7 professors, 18 associate professors, 1 senior teacher on secondary school teaching, 25 lecturers and 9 teaching assistants. There are 34 graduate students, including 3 PhDs (2 students studying), 30 with master degrees, 36 with bachelor’degrees. At present, there are 2,354 students in the school, including 2,120 junior college students and 234 undergraduates (joint trained with Yunnan Minzu University). The school is with the largest number of students in DTC at present.


The school concerns the cooperation with other departments of DTC and with other colleges and universities and has established a large number of training centers inside and outside DTC. They include preschool professional training centers (preschool scientific exploration training center, Orff music center, Montessori training center, children manual training center, picture book center, infant nursing training center), the mental health consultation center, micro-teaching training center, Chinese calligraphy (teaching aids production) skill training center, the mathematical modeling practice center, the preschool manual training center, the picture book center, the infant nursing training center, the mental health consultation center, the micro-training center, the calligraphy (teaching aids production) skill training center, mathematical modeling practice center, Mathematics culture and abacus calculation training center and other training centers, all of which has laid a solid foundation for the cultivation of educational and teaching skills.

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