School of Continuing Education


School of Continuing Education is specialized in higher education and short-term training for degree and non-degree education. The school was established on the basis of the former Adult Education Department in 2019. The school is also a service window of DTC for adult degree education and non-degree training, which is one of its essential missions. The school aims to promote DTC to serve the economic and social development and to enhance the construction of a learning society for all-people learning and life-long learning.


The school works on the following aspects: to carry out the training of primary and secondary school teachers in Dehong Prefecture during summer and winter holidays according to the requirements of the State and Municipal Bureau of Education and Dehong Prefectural Bureau of Education; to carry out distance education cooperated with Zhengzhou University in accordance with the signed agreement. There are 143 students for this type; to carry out distance education according to the signed agreements with Kunming Correspondence Station of Zhejiang Normal University, the Adult Continuing Education Institute of Yunnan Normal University, Dali University, and Chuxiong Normal University. There are 78 students of Zhejiang Normal University, 60 students of Yunnan Normal University and 14 of the students in Dali University. 8 students of Chuxiong Normal University. At present, there are 4 faculty members, including 2 associate professors,1 lecturer and 1 teaching assistant.


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