School of Arts


There is an arts teaching building with an area of 9,000 square meters for School of Arts. The school can provide students an effective practice training environment due to various cooperation agreement signed with the art groups and advertising companies in and out of Dehong Prefecture. The school has engaged Professor Zhang Ming, Yang Weimin, Xu Mei, Zi Zhouyun and Mashuo from Yunnan Arts University as guest professors in the school to carry out teaching activities on a regular basis to promote the talent training of the school.


There are four specialties in music education, art education, dance performance and art design. The number of students in the school is now 789. There are 36 faculty members, including 12 music teachers, 10 fine arts teachers, 6 dance teachers, 5 for the artistic design, 1 for the management and 2 for the students counsellor. There are 8 teachers with master degrees, 7 associate professors, 3 professors, 1 senior professional title, 7 lecturers and 10 teaching assistants.


The school introduces Dehong intangible cultural heritage and outstanding national folk art into the class. Dai Paper Cutting, Cucurbit Playing, Peacock Dancing, Elephant Foot Drums Playing, Dehong Traditional Dancing,  Instruments and Dai Opera of Ethnic Minority Groups and The Introduction of the National Folk Music Anthropology of Dehong are all special courses of the school. Dai Paper Cutting and Dehong Ethnic Patterns Design are provincial top-quality course.


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