About DTC

About DTC

Dehong Teachers’ College, founded in 1955, is a public college sponsored by the Yunnan Provincial Government and under the supervision of Yunnan Provincial Education Department.


The college is located in Mangshi, the capital of Dehong Dai-Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture, in southwest of Yunnan in China. Mangshi is also a hub city of Yunnan and Myanmar Transportation and Oil and Gas Passage.


At present, there are 6,522 students in DTC, including 135 international students. There are 430 teachers, of whom 373 are full-timeincluding 6 PHDs, 31 professors and 121 associate professors and 10 are studying for doctor degrees. The campus covers an area of more than 130 hectares and the floor area reaches 250000 . The total assets is worth 1 billion yuan (RMB), of which teaching and research equipment worth 106.4 million yuan.


There are 705.4 thousand books and 200 thousand digital books in the college. There are 12 teaching departments including School of Humanities, School of Education and School of Foreign Languages, etc., providing 65 specialties of which 15 are for teacher education and 50 for vocational training.


Based in Dehong, DTC not only services the economic and social development of Dehong and Yunnan, the construction of Ruili National Key Experimental Zone for Development and Opening-up, and the national Belt and Road Initiative, but also actively embraces the surrounding countries.


Now DTC has established extensive cooperation with colleges and universities, governmental education departments and research institutions in Southeast Asian countries such as Myanmar, Laos and Thailand, and has successfully been approved by Hanban as a test center of HSK (Chinese proficiency test), BCT( Business Chinese Test ) and YCT (Youth Chinese Test). Since 2012, more than 300 students in DTC have passed the HSK4 test and some even passed HSK5 and HSK6.


At present, the school has accumulated rich experiences in the education and training of international students, and has a high quality teaching team and excellent management team.



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